Working Visit to Minister of Health Malaysia, YB Datuk Seri Dr Haji Dzulkifli Ahmad

11 June 2024, Putrajaya

PERANTIM, led by its President , Mr. Johari Abu Kasim, conducted working visit to Yang Berhormat Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Seri Dr Haji Dzulkifli Ahmad at his office in Putrajaya. There are many issues discussed during the visit and here are some of the snippets.

  1. Incremental in cost of doing business especially certifying cost for CE MDR, ESG and Logistic. These have impacted Malaysian manufacturers and exporters. PERANTIM put up a case of justification for more local support from KMM to prioritize Buy Malaysian Made Products and Buy Malaysian First and these commitment to be monitored and reviewed at least quarterly by Public Private Committee. YBM in principle has agreed to this request.
  2. Perantim raised the issue of lop-sided and non-reciprocal terms in many FTAs, especially in the European FTAs. YBM assured PERANTIM that under the new ruling, contracts/tenders/purchase for the amount of RM8.85Million will be exclusive for local players and not subjected to FTAs. Nonetheless, this still does not solve the issue of barriers -to-entry to the counterpart markets.
  3. There are issues that affecting APPL list players, Local Manufactured Companies vs local manufacturers. As these issues involve policies, YBM has decided to look into appointing PERANTIM representative on board of MDA. MDA has requested to seek legal advice on this matter.
  4. PERANTIM feels that MOH could also help to spur the industry by creating opportunities for local manufacturers as there is currently only a handful of local manufacturers. There are over 30,000 types of medical products available and Malaysia is only manufacturing less than 30 products.

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