FTAs MITI Dialogue 2024: Malaysian Industrialists Voice Feedback and Expectations

1. Thank you YB Mulia Senator DSU Tengku Zafrul Aziz & MITI for providing an avenue for industrialists to voice our feedbacks , concerns, comments and complaints

2. The country is signing a record breaking FTAs especially with EU Countries and European Non EU Countries. The industries are very much welcome this effort and initiative as it help expedite the market expansion and boost opportunities

3. Nonetheless many are concerned and some are still in the dark of the how the reciprocal part of these FTAs work

4. During the dialogue , we gave an example how fast an European Medical Device company can enter our market. They can just walk in into our Medical Device Authority (MDA) office, or do the online and other necessary registration, and can start selling after approval in 7 days

5. For us to enter their market, Malaysian Meddev manufacturers have to obtain CE Certifications by undergoing rigorous international audit between 6-30 months with the cost of USD50K-USD150K per product family

6. Where is the reciprocal part?

7. We are hoping that our country is not being short-changed in the name of market liberalisation and equal opportunities

8. Of course there are other issues of ESG, HR especially Local Certified Auditors , Taxes inconsistencies, Innovations, and many others which have been brought forward during the dialogue and also previously

9. Industrialists sees the record RM41.2Billion for MOH in 2024 as a huge opportunity to develop more local manufacturers and exporters

10. We also in support Sementa’s Lai-Lyn Fong suggestions to bring back ETA grants to associations

We remain.
Johari Abu Kasim Perantim President

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