PERANTIM Assure Ample Supply of PPEs and Sanitation Products Amidst Rising COVID Cases

In response to the recent surge in COVID cases, the Malaysian Medical Device Manufacturing Associations/Persatuan Pengilang-Pengilang Peranti Perubatan Malaysia (PERANTIM), issues a crucial reminder to the public. The association urges individuals not to engage in unnecessary stockpiling or panic buying of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and Medical Grade Sanitation Products.

Following the announcement by the Minister of Health regarding the alarming increase in COVID cases in the country, PERANTIM emphasizes that local manufacturers, particularly its members, possess the capacity to meet the sudden surge in demand. These manufacturers are committed to delivering high-quality medical-grade products, maintaining the standards that Malaysian Medical Devices Manufacturers are renowned for.

To instill confidence among the public, PERANTIM encourages individuals to purchase only authorized products that are registered with the Malaysian Medical Device Authority (MDA). These authorized products are clearly marked on the packaging and are readily available in the market.

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