Embracing Technological Innovation in Healthcare: A Call to Action for Malaysia’s Medical Industry

MEDICA Dusseldorf Germany is the international congregation point for all stakeholders in medical industry. I have been religiously attending MEDICA every year for the past 12 years and have seen many technologies, inventions and breakthroughs in the medical industry. Interestingly, 2023 exhibits dramatic global interest in medical IOT, Big Data, Wearable Technologies , Virtual Reality(VR), displaying amazing path-crossing to Biotech & DNA. Some even claim these tech could reduce Cancer by 30%. A bold claim. The organiser for the 1st time dedicated a specific arena for start-up companies on new inventions which attract huge interest from investors and financial sectors as well. Indonesia took a step further by sending DG Madam Rizka Andalucia to the MEDICA Forum to boast their 2023 USD43B healthcare spending and explained their new policies, benefits and attractions in their latest Health Sector Transformation. Malaysia needs to do major catching up and and adopt aggressive diversion from relying only on traditional gloves sector and disposables. We never short of ideas, experience and expertises but we are getting way behind at supersonic rate unless concerted effort from private and public is adopted. We should be bold enough to divest more into technology projects via RND or thru acquisition, invest into developing hi-tech machines that challenge boundaries and be at least at par with current trends in medical services. The bet is high, yet the benefits are humongous to the people and country.


“The writer is the President of PERANTIM “

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