Attended The MIDF Dialogue – Rise Above: Malaysian SMEs Navigating Challenges

15 August 2023, Tuesday

President PERANTIM attended the MIDF Dialogue – Rise above: Malaysian SMEs Navigating Challenges, on 15 August 2023 at KLGCC. It was hosted by Ybhg Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Mamat Chairman MIDF and attended by Industry Stakeholders including Deputy DG Miti Datuk Bahria Tamil and reps from other agencies and associations.

Mr Johari raised some of the issues and challenges that plaguing the industry.

The challenges for the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industry are massive yet they are not insurmountable. EU cost and regulatory escalations, softening border under Trade Agreements, low appetite for financing, lack innovation and its support ecosystem, super fast technology development, just to name a few.

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