Meeting the New Trade Commissioner Sao Paulo

22 May 2023, Sao Paulo Brazil, Monday –
Mr President paying a courtesy visit with Mr. Haikal Hanib, the new Trade Commissioner of São Paulo, Brazil. PERANTIM acknowledges Mr. Haikal go-getter attitude and aggressive spirit in facilitating business connections between Malaysian businessmen and Brazil. The meeting was done with Mr. Jose Rouben Marine, a local businessman/lawyer who also serves as the Consul General of an African country in São Paulo, and Mr. Juniors, the owner of a local trade platform that boasts 100K members.
Another meeting is scheduled at the Hospitalar Exposition Centre on Wednesday to meet local businessmen/doctors and other stakeholders in the medical industry. Once again, thank you to Mr. Haikal and Mr. Kossi from the Matrade São Paulo Office.

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